The Pavlok 2 watch is paired with the phone. 
When the stimuli are sent from the unlocked, they appear on the phonevtgar is paired to the watch..but it doesn't go to the watch automatically.
Only if the stimuli received notification on the phone that is paired with it is pressed, does it send to the watch from the paired phone. 
That isn't how unlocked works nor should logically work.
Unlocked is when a remote one sends to the watch that is paired and shouldn't be 'authorised' by a middle man-the paired app, to go..'oh hey, someone said to alarm me... let's give it permission to zap the watch'...
It is very illogical, as the person is asleep. So why should they need to press something on their phone to allow to authorise a remote person from unlock, to alarm them if asleep?
A person who is asleep will not have the paired phone in their hand not pay attention to the notification on their phone, yet should have the watch on their wrist. The sole purpose of this unlocked thing should be stimulus sent from someone else and it is sent to the watch and not need the asleep person to look at their phone and see a notification there to zap themself.
There is a major issue. We bought this watch for this reason and think it needs to be fixed urgently. Does your Pavlok 3 have the same issue?