The New Pavlok 3 App Is Released!
Rejoice - an update is upon us!
Yesterday we released the updated version of the new Pavlok 3 app. It brings the missing features from the old Pavlok 2 app and provides you with full functionality, meaning that there is no reason to use the Pavlok 2 app any longer.
If you are still using the Pavlok 2 app (denoted by an icon with a yellow lightning bolt on black background) it’s time to upgrade! Delete the Pavlok 2 app, and download the Pavlok 3 app (denoted by an icon with a purple background). You can download the P3 app at pavlok.com/apps.
We'll have more to announce soon, but for now let's take a look what this latest update has brought us:
Here's how to access everything
First make sure you've downloaded and updated the Pavlok 3 app from the App/Play store. Grab it at https://pavlok.com/apps
Next, once you've logged in, click on your avatar image on the top left. This should open the sidebar menu.
Finally, click
Apps & Integrations
from the sidebar menu.
It looks something like this: 02 - A&I Demo
Brand New Apps & Integrations!
Find my phone
You can now locate your phone through your Pavlok! Press a button on your Pavlok device and your phone will start ringing, allowing you to find it. Your Pavlok will even vibrate with increased intensity as you get closer to your phone! This also works the other way around - you can use the Find my phone app to locate your misplaced Pavlok device through your smartphone. The Pavlok will beep and vibrate until you find it.
03 - Find my Phone Demo
A built-in stopwatch that can be started and stopped through your Pavlok device. It also allows you to set the device to beep/vibrate/zap on exact time periods.
04 -Timers Demo
Legacy Pavlok 2 Apps Now Added to Pavlok 3 App!
Sleep course
Take this 5 days video course explaining the importance of a stable night routine.
05 -Sleep Course Demo
Habit course
This 5 day course contains videos, articles, tasks, and quizzes designed to help you ditch bad habits. Please note that we are working on a graphical update which we hope to get done soon - but we wanted you to also have access to this valuable content in the meantime.
06 -Habit Course Image
Bet against yourself and earn virtual currency for completing your morning / evening routine!
07 -Morning Routines Demo
Remind yourself of things you are grateful for in your life and see how other Pavlok users are faring through this light and fun mini-app!
08 -Gratitude Demo
Aversion Timer
(now with a sexy 3d design)
Break bad habits by pairing them with Pavlok’s zap. The Aversion app helps you conduct aversion sessions that help you pavlovianly condition away your habit.
09 -Aversion Demo
Step Tracking!
Pavlok can count your steps and display your results in a daily, weekly, and monthly view.
10 -Steps Image
General bug fixes and improvements
Hooray for less bugs and more stability!
To make sure you have access to all these goodies, check the bottom of the "Settings" screen (found in the main menu) - it should say "Build version: 1.3.0" on Android and 1.1.6 on iPhone.
If your app didn’t update automatically, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for the Pavlok 3 app, and then update it manually.
Hope you like this update as we continue to work to bring you even more features in the future!
It's here! The newest Pavlok firmware: 6.2
Release 6.2
6.2 New Triggers, Performance Improvements and Morse!
Release date: 11-Aug-2021
Watch the video demo
(the version number is off in the video -- it should be 6.2.0 as of 6/17/2020)
What's New?
Many of our latest features are still being integrated into the app. Application of many of these settings will require connecting your device to the Web Tool in order to enable.
  • Pre-configured Countdown Timer and Stop Watch
    Start/cancel can be applied to any trigger/button.  Useful for having a pre-set tea steep time and being reminded exactly when that time has elapsed, or to time your intervals while running.
  • New LED patterns:
    Turning a feature on or off gives an LED swipe to red or green.  Starting or stopping a feature does an in & out lightshow with a red or green LED.  Errors generate a triple red flash.
  • Hand Detect can have LED feedback disabled and be “hidden”.
  • Silent Jumping Jacks Option
  • Manual Do Not Disturb (mDND)
    Mode can be turned on or off.  This suppresses almost all notifications including alarms.  Button presses will always give a response of some form, but all beeps are mapped to LED flashes instead.
  • Auto Do Not Disturb (aDND):
      can define times when auto-DND comes on automatically.   This is a form of “do not disturb” but where alarms still occur.
  • Morse code stimulus
    in stimulus language for StimSend (this is relevant for Zapier integrations) 
  • Default Morse Code Configuration.
      This includes the type of stimulus, the level of the stimulus, and the speed of the Morse code (set in Words Per Minute).  
  • Morse Code Time action
    .  Can be applied to any trigger event/button.  A natural pairing for the hourly chime.
Bug Fixes:
  • Hand Detect is now disabled during manual sleep
  • Short press extended from 500ms max to allow up to 700ms timing
  • Alarms fire if time change will jump past next alarm
  • Jumping Jacks sensitivity increased Most actions will count, not just traditional arm swings.
  • Fixed bug where “bad clock” flash was not shown except when on the charger.
  • Automatic Daylight savings time changes.
  • Power on improvements - avoid units seemingly bricking if allowed to discharge very low by being on a shelf for 6 months say.
How to Install
  • A prompt will appear, click pair.
  • Once your device is paired, press load to update to the latest firmware.
The Latest Pavlok 3 App Release (1.1) Is Here! - Better Support, Improved Sidebar and Bug Fixes
15-April-2021 - Author: Maneesh Sethi
Hi all! Maneesh here, founder of Pavlok. Thanks for all the great feedback on our new launch. We have been listening to all of you feedback and the latest changes and updates are below.
We have completely revamped and updated our new Sidebar. Everything you've been searching for is now in one spot for easy access! When you now tap on the sidebar you will see direct links to navigate to the most requested features.
Starting with direct access to your alarms & reminders, you no longer have to go in each app to see all of your alarms.
For trainings, how to's and FAQs we have created a one stop shop within our help desk.
A super users favorite is going to be our Roadmap -- to see what's new and what's coming up in future versions of Pavlok. The new Feedback button at the bottom is also a big favorite, where you can directly "improve Pavlok" by submitting all the ideas you want to see in future revisions.
For additional settings and more integrations and advanced functionality we have no reduced the number of clicks to get where you want to go.
Finally, when users click support you can see your orders and chat directly with our team.
We also have an incredible new and updated interface for our challenge users.
This means better chat functionality, a better user experience and more success for our challenge users!
We have many updates coming up ahead so stay tuned!.
-Maneesh Sethi
The Newest Major Pavlok 3 App Release (1.0.5) Is Here! - A Demo of Pavlok 3 for Waking Up, Mindfulness, and Good Habits
- Author
: Maneesh Sethi
Hi all! Maneesh here, founder of Pavlok. I'm excited to show you our newest App release. After 3 months of coding, we've release the Pavlok 3 app, available on iOS and Android.
This app brings the Pavlok App Suites to your doorstep. You, as an early adopter, get lifetime access to all 3
I made a few videos demoing it -- let's start with the overview of the whole app, remote control, setup, etc.
Watch it on loom: Pavlok App Overview
Now, let's take a look at a short demo of each of the main App Suites.
Pavlok for Waking Up
Waking up has never been so shockingly easy. Choose the time you want to be up, customize your stimulus and you are good to go! No more snoozing.
Pavlok for Mindfulness
Receive simple and actionable prompts through out your day to keep you present and grounded.
Pavlok for Good Habits
Become healthier by setting goals and earning rewards for hitting habit goals. Keep your streak and become a healthier you.
You'll all be receiving a Pavlok 3 Pro -- which has access to all. these apps. Future Pro devices will cost much more, so nice :)
That's it! You can download the app at <https://pavlok.com/apps> . You can get started even if your device hasn't yet arrived.
Devices have been shipping fast and watch clips are on their way to our factory. If you haven't received it yet, I promise it's coming very soon, we are now pumping out new ones every day and have fulfilled more than 60% of the orders (over 1300!)
-Maneesh Sethi
Firmware 6.0.115
17-Feb-2021  - Author: Maneesh Sethi
Watch a demo of the new features and a guided walkthrough of how to install.
It's here! The first big update for Pavlok 3. Firmware is the software that runs directly on the physical device -- not the app, etc. It improves the functionality of the physical product.
Here's what's new
Battery is now up to 40% longer: We added some really cool enhancements and optimizations that significantly increase battery life depending on actual use (for some users, this could add days of battery life).
New features
Jumping Jacks Silence: Don't want to hear the whirrr sound during your jumping jacks? Long press the middle button while the alarm is going off, and the sound will be silenced. (You still have to do the jumping jacks!)
Hand Detect Snooze: Allow “snoozing” hand detect for 30 minutes by quick pressing the middle button within 5s of hand detect being triggered (i.e. when green LED is lit).
Candle Mode: Light up the LEDs to add a bit of light to your life. . This feature can be enabled by holding down the top button. It extinguishes itself after 30s. It's quite romantic if I do say so myself.
Double Tap Battery Life: Double-tap the face of the Pavlok 3 to see your battery life.
Breathing Charge: While charging your Pavlok, charging LED breathes and pulses.
Minor Changes
Reduced minimum time for a “long-press” from 2.5s to 1.5s.
Fixed a minor issue where the Save to Button wouldn't save the strength of the stimulus to your device.
How to Install
Install this by going to the Pavlok 3 app. You should see a popup. If not, click on the Settings icon in the top right of the App (inside the Remote). You'll see an option to upgrade the firmware on that screen.