The New Pavlok 3 App Is Released!
Rejoice - an update is upon us!
Yesterday we released the updated version of the new Pavlok 3 app. It brings the missing features from the old Pavlok 2 app and provides you with full functionality, meaning that there is no reason to use the Pavlok 2 app any longer.
If you are still using the Pavlok 2 app (denoted by an icon with a yellow lightning bolt on black background) it’s time to upgrade! Delete the Pavlok 2 app, and download the Pavlok 3 app (denoted by an icon with a purple background). You can download the P3 app at pavlok.com/apps.
We'll have more to announce soon, but for now let's take a look what this latest update has brought us:
Here's how to access everything
First make sure you've downloaded and updated the Pavlok 3 app from the App/Play store. Grab it at https://pavlok.com/apps
Next, once you've logged in, click on your avatar image on the top left. This should open the sidebar menu.
Finally, click
Apps & Integrations
from the sidebar menu.
It looks something like this: 02 - A&I Demo
Brand New Apps & Integrations!
Find my phone
You can now locate your phone through your Pavlok! Press a button on your Pavlok device and your phone will start ringing, allowing you to find it. Your Pavlok will even vibrate with increased intensity as you get closer to your phone! This also works the other way around - you can use the Find my phone app to locate your misplaced Pavlok device through your smartphone. The Pavlok will beep and vibrate until you find it.
03 - Find my Phone Demo
A built-in stopwatch that can be started and stopped through your Pavlok device. It also allows you to set the device to beep/vibrate/zap on exact time periods.
04 -Timers Demo
Legacy Pavlok 2 Apps Now Added to Pavlok 3 App!
Sleep course
Take this 5 days video course explaining the importance of a stable night routine.
05 -Sleep Course Demo
Habit course
This 5 day course contains videos, articles, tasks, and quizzes designed to help you ditch bad habits. Please note that we are working on a graphical update which we hope to get done soon - but we wanted you to also have access to this valuable content in the meantime.
06 -Habit Course Image
Bet against yourself and earn virtual currency for completing your morning / evening routine!
07 -Morning Routines Demo
Remind yourself of things you are grateful for in your life and see how other Pavlok users are faring through this light and fun mini-app!
08 -Gratitude Demo
Aversion Timer
(now with a sexy 3d design)
Break bad habits by pairing them with Pavlok’s zap. The Aversion app helps you conduct aversion sessions that help you pavlovianly condition away your habit.
09 -Aversion Demo
Step Tracking!
Pavlok can count your steps and display your results in a daily, weekly, and monthly view.
10 -Steps Image
General bug fixes and improvements
Hooray for less bugs and more stability!
To make sure you have access to all these goodies, check the bottom of the "Settings" screen (found in the main menu) - it should say "Build version: 1.3.0" on Android and 1.1.6 on iPhone.
If your app didn’t update automatically, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for the Pavlok 3 app, and then update it manually.
Hope you like this update as we continue to work to bring you even more features in the future!