The Newest Major Pavlok 3 App Release (1.0.5) Is Here! - A Demo of Pavlok 3 for Waking Up, Mindfulness, and Good Habits
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: Maneesh Sethi
Hi all! Maneesh here, founder of Pavlok. I'm excited to show you our newest App release. After 3 months of coding, we've release the Pavlok 3 app, available on iOS and Android.
This app brings the Pavlok App Suites to your doorstep. You, as an early adopter, get lifetime access to all 3
I made a few videos demoing it -- let's start with the overview of the whole app, remote control, setup, etc.
Watch it on loom: Pavlok App Overview
Now, let's take a look at a short demo of each of the main App Suites.
Pavlok for Waking Up
Waking up has never been so shockingly easy. Choose the time you want to be up, customize your stimulus and you are good to go! No more snoozing.
Pavlok for Mindfulness
Receive simple and actionable prompts through out your day to keep you present and grounded.
Pavlok for Good Habits
Become healthier by setting goals and earning rewards for hitting habit goals. Keep your streak and become a healthier you.
You'll all be receiving a Pavlok 3 Pro -- which has access to all. these apps. Future Pro devices will cost much more, so nice :)
That's it! You can download the app at <https://pavlok.com/apps> . You can get started even if your device hasn't yet arrived.
Devices have been shipping fast and watch clips are on their way to our factory. If you haven't received it yet, I promise it's coming very soon, we are now pumping out new ones every day and have fulfilled more than 60% of the orders (over 1300!)
-Maneesh Sethi